Moving to Frankston

Frankston City - the preferred place to live, learn, work, visit and invest...

Thinking of relocating to Frankston?
With our wide variety of business, educational and community facilities, we have lots to involve you. Frankston has a great deal to offer including:
  • A friendly and safe community
  • Affordable housing
  • Vibrant business sector
  • First-class educational facilities
Looking for work in Frankston?
Register with our local employment services to find the job you’re after or browse through the Frankston Business Directory for a list of possible employers.
Finding that perfect home
Frankston offers a wide variety of affordable living choices. Contact our local Real Estate Agents for more information on buying or renting property in Frankston.
Educational facilities
Frankston boasts a great educational sector. With pre-schools, primary and high schools as well as Monash University and Chisholm Institute of TAFE. Frankston offers a great learning environment.
Frankston has a vibrant Business sector. Contact our Economic Development Team, for information on relocating your business to Frankston on 1300 322 322.
Frankston is a busy community. We have lots of recreational activities to keep you active and involved as well as a great range of community oriented activities.  Check out the Community Directory for a full list of details.
Request information pack
If you are contemplating relocating to Frankston, download a new residents kit.

For more information
Visit or phone 1300 322 322.


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