Frankston City's Beaches

Frankston City is home to 10 kilometres of pristine beach and coastal habitat. 

Frankston Waterfront

Among the region’s better known coastal areas is the Frankston Waterfront, a beautiful and lively place for residents and visitors to enjoy all year round.  It offers a pristine coastline, pier and boardwalk, spectacular landmark bridge, family restaurants, an award-winning adventure playground, boat launching facilities and surprising public artworks.

Pier Promenade, Frankston.  Melway Ref 100A A6

 Frankston Waterfront

Seaford Foreshore

Equally popular among locals and less known to visitors is the Seaford Foreshore. This hidden gem, a 4.6 kilometre coastal strip of beach, where you can walk from one end to the other, is one of only a few extensive areas of relatively untouched dune vegetation remaining in Victoria.

It features a new boardwalk, which extends for about 100 metres from Nepean Highway to the beach at the Seaford Road intersection, improving access for walkers, wheelchairs and prams. The Seaford Life Saving Clubhouse was revamped in 2008. The facility includes a cafe overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

Station Street, Seaford.  Melway Ref 99 E3.

 Seaford Foreshore


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