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Chocolate Grove has been making fine chocolates in Australia since 1987. They continue to source only the best ingredients and use artisan skills combined with specialist chocolate-making techniques to create innovative chocolates. They coat nuts, confectionery, fruit, ‘super foods’, (and any other tasty ingredient that takes their fancy) using the finest quality chocolate.

Their aim is to give you unique, exotic and exciting combinations for a real taste bud sensation. 

Chocolate Grove's brand new Chocolate Shop and Living History Centre is now open in Carrum Downs.

The Living History Centre presents Australia’s Chocolate and Confectionery icons through what was some spectacular packaging, incredible graphic design, and wonderful products. Very few of the household names have survived. But who can forget the Violet Crumble Bar, Polly Waffle, Cherry Ripe, Freddo Frog, Minties, Fantales, Throaties, Jaffas and Fruit Tingles, to name but a few. 

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Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 12-4pm

Map & Directions

50 Aster Avenue Carrum Downs Victoria 3201