Point of No Return

Point of No Return

Friday 17 August
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“Every character’s journey through the drama is crafted with aplomb by Ms Beek to create a compelling, moving and sometimes humorous story that is a triumph of the human spirit.” Andrew Blackman – Complete Works Theatre Company.

“Alaine Beek’s “Point of No Return” not only shines a light on a little-known aspect of Australia’s dark convict past: remarkably, it also manages to paint a nuanced portrait of male relationships, especially between those teetering on the verge of manhood.” David Tredinnick – Actor, writer.

Based on the fascinating true story of Australia’s first boys’ prison, Point of No Return is a riveting, energetic drama about a group of youths struggling to survive in Tasmania’s Point Puer Prison. 

The story is about boys becoming men – about youths desperately seeking a place to belong, it’s about loyalty, betrayal, power and gang mentality. Point of No Return explores the concept of rehabilitation in prisons versus punishment. What works, what doesn’t.  The current issues highlighted by the recent riots and escapes in Victoria’s youth prisons, Malmsbury and Parkville are asking the same questions today.

Even though the play has adult themes it is intended for a youth audience. This strong cast of four youths and one adult will take the audience on an emotional and at times dark journey.  However the story has a strong sense of hope as many of the boys leave prison and become Australia’s first colonists. An old African proverb illustrates the core of the storyline and issues in youth prisons today  - “If the boy is not initiated into the village, he will burn it down to feel its warmth.’

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