Tuesday 4 September
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“Its physicality is masterful and its comedy biting.” Dance Australia

“A fun-filled romp combining humour and impressive physicality, sure to please comedy and dance fans alike.” Stage Whispers

“Comprising testosterone — fuelled, one-upmanship sequences, the work is physical theatre at its most extreme: bodies slam into walls and office furniture, and perilous interlocking rolls, tackles and lunges fling performers through space.” The Australian

“And it is sidesplittingly hilarious and beautifully athletic and graceful.” ABC Arts

Two blokes in an office: one older, one younger.

A cross between The Office and a cage fight, Cockfight is a game of comical one-upmanship that builds to moments of emotive impact, where generational truths are exposed and unpacked. A flash of bared teeth, territorial pissing contests, the desperation of needing to prove yourself versus the need to hold on to what you’ve got.

Cockfight explores the power play between men, the frailty of the ageing body and questions our culture’s desperate struggle for achievement.

Skillfully depicting a full-throttle mashup of extreme physical risk-taking, graceful movement and slow-mo fight sequences, this darkly humorous and surprisingly tender piece of dance theatre by newly formed Gold Coast/Berlin company The Farm, sees long-time creative collaborators Joshua Thomson and Gavin Webber reassess who is in charge.

Two performers on a stage: one older, one younger.

by The Farm

2018-09-04 20:00:00
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