Excape is a new exciting entertainment attraction for thrill seekers in Frankston.

The concept is simple – group of 2-6 people are guided in a room and they have to solve their way out within 60 minutes. Excape tests participant’s logic and initiative – and definitely demands communication skills. Excape is a popular team building activity as well as fun and brain teasing experience to be enjoyed with colleagues, friends and family. Excape offers fantastic deals for celebrating special events and parties such as birthdays and hens/bucks nights.

Book in and get out – if you can!


Real Escape Game (REG) from Japan was developed by 35-year-old Takao Kato, of the Kyoto publishing company in 2008. They boomed in Singapore and then popped up across the US, Europe and Asia. There are now more than 2800 escape rooms worldwide.

Map & Directions

3A Wells Street, Frankston