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Gordon Studio Glassblowers gallery and studio caters for those wishing to view and buy an existing work of art glass as well as those interested in having customised hand blown glass art works created to their own specific needs.



To witness the art of glassblowing is to witness history. The practice dates back as far as the early days of the Roman Empire, which helped it spread across the then-known world. Red Hill’s Gordon Studio Glassblowers offers not only a gallery of colourful pieces of glass art for sale – both functional and decorative – but also an opportunity to see this ancient practice in action.

Gordon Studio Glassblowers gallery and studio was built in 2005. The space was designed to accommodate the continual interest in Gordon Studios art glass and the corresponding production needs. The gallery incorporates rural views, landscaped exteriors with a bright and open interior space, enabling customers to view a large range of finished art works on display. All are welcome to visit the art glass gallery during open hours. Grant or Eileen are usually available and are happy to discuss any individual needs that customers may have in regards to creating a custom designed piece.

See the blowing room and experience the searing heat of the furnaces from the security and comfort of a light filled viewing mezzanine, where you can observe resident glass artists working with molten hot glass. A truly unique experience to witness the ancient techniques used to work hot glass and shape it with tools, adding colour, blowing air and harnessing gravity to create beautiful art glass forms.


Hours: Open daily from 10.00am - 5.00pm

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290 Red Hill Road Red Hill Victoria 3937