Lost and Found and Oasis art installations

Frankston Cultural Walk Frankston


Lost and Found are bronze statues dotted around the Frankston Waterfront.
Oasis is a mosaic on the forecourt leading to the pier.


Where the pier joins the foreshore, Anna Minardo has inserted the mosaic Oasis directly into the paving; while in the picnic area, Anne Ross has installed a series of small bronze boxes. Entitled Lost and Found, each container reveals a quirky collection of objects inspired by workshops the artist held with local school children.

The visitor experience has been enhanced by a series of innovative artwork. One of the earliest to be installed was Oasis, a mosaic by Anna Minardo. Composed of swirling forms, inserted into the paved area at the start of the pier, Oasis draws inspiration from the headwaters of Kananook Creek and the many natural springs and swamps which used to dot the local landscape. This allusion to an ever present well-spring is enhanced by the mosaic’s ground level placement, suggesting water could break through to the surface at any given time.

Scattered through the picnic grounds are whimsical bronze vignettes created by Anne Ross in response to art workshops held with students from Alder Court and Carrum Downs primary schools. The title Lost and Found suggests two meanings, one which relates to their random placement, thereby allowing children to engage in simple games of discovery. The other is attached to the seagulls Ross has crafted, who preside wickedly over their own found treasures of discarded food scraps and detritus.

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Pier Promenade, Frankston