Peninsula Flyboard

Location: 5 Pier Promenade
Phone: 0438122782

Point of Difference

Flyboarding is a water-powered jet pack that can propel the wearer up to 8-10 metres in the air. Two large jets at the wearers feet, provide the propulsion and it sure is a rush. The Flyboard is very easy to use, similar to riding a bike, water ski, surfing, skating or any activity that requires a little balance.

The rest of the world has already been blown away by the crazy, exciting, and extremely futuristic device, called the Flyboard. If swimming like a dolphin wasn't enough then becoming your very own superhero definitely was.  Once you experience it, you will be hooked. The Flyboard is as exciting as it is impressive. This will be an experience you will never forget.

Peninsula Flyboard Pty Ltd is an exclusively owned and operated Australian company.  

Approx 1 hour south of Melbournes CDB. We are located right next to the pier, at the Frankston Waterfront. Parking and toilet facilities are available, and very close to public transport. Spectators also have an excellent viewing area!

‚ÄčThere's never been a better time to come down and give it a go....Come try it out for yourself.

What is it?

It is a water jet board strapped to your feet. Makes you look really cool and fly like a super hero.

How long is each flight?

Here at Peninsula Flyboard we have gotten rid of complicated packages and cryptic descriptions of whats included in our flyboard experience. This means that all the setup time, signing waivers, getting the wetsuit and lifejacket on, and the safety briefing are all part of the experience but doesnt eat into your 30 minutes flight time. So when you book a 30 minute flyboard package, you get 30 minutes on the water.

I'm worried I won't get up and flying?

We are extremely confident that you will get up flying within the time allowed. Thats why we have allowed 30 minutes to ensure enough time to get up and fly. It only takes a few minutes to grasp the theory behind flyboarding, so what are you waiting for....

Is there a minimum age limit?

Our minimum age limit is 14 years old.

If under 18yrs old a parent/guardian must be present.

I can't swim, can I still Flyboard?

You must be able to be confident in the water. If you can't swim at all, I'm afraid you won't be able to Flyboard.

What if I dive underwater and don't come up again?

Everything you have on in the water floats.... From the flyboard, wetsuit, life jacket, and helmet..... So have no fear.....With our skilled instructors watching your every move you're in great hands.

How hard is it?

Flyboarding is very easy and only takes about 5 mins to get up and flying. Our experienced Flyboard instructors will give you instruction before your flying experience and also give you tips along the way. We guarantee that you will get flying in no time.

Does it make you feel like a super hero?

Yes, yes it does.

What should I wear?

We provide everything for you. This includes a wetsuit, life jacket, and helmet. You need to bring your bathers/swimwear. No Mankini's please.

How does it work?

The Jetski provides all the power for the Flyboard. Once throttle is applied to the Jetski, the intake on the Jetski sucks up the water, then into a big metal elbow at the back. Redirecting the water 180 degrees into a 12 metre hose and out through the Flyboard strapped to your feet.


Peninsula Flyboard

5 Pier Promenade , Frankston 3199



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