Sound Pipes and Seagull art installations

Frankston Cultural Walk Frankston


A children's playground for adventure.


The playground, near the Frankston Visitor Information Centre, has a nautical theme and was designed by Mary Jeavons Landscape Architects. Two works were commissioned for this popular area and were created to a brief requesting an interaction with the elements. Both achieve this simply and effectively.

Sound Pipes by Ofra Smoli and Tam Thanh Nguyen harness the wind to provide sporadic, aural effects, whereas David Murphy, like Anne Ross, decided to honour one of the foreshores most ubiquitous residents, the seagull. His majestic bird (more correctly known as Laurus Novaehollandie) swivels around on its central pin when caught by the invigorating coastal breeze.

Map & Directions

Pier Promenade, Frankston