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My Fretty Friend

General Events At Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre, 37 Davey Street, Frankston 37 Davey Street, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

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Date: Friday 23 August
Time: 7pm - 8.15pm
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Amy is just like everybody else. She goes to uni, listens to Ed Sheeran and has a great (mostly) group of friends. She also has a secret; an unwelcome tagalong who follows her everywhere. Her Fretty Friend, as she calls him. Some days she can almost ignore him. But other days he affects every area of her life. Loud noises will suddenly make her uncomfortable. Social events will make her heart race. Some nights she has difficulty sleeping. Yet most mornings she can’t even get out of bed.

Amy’s friend is called Anxiety, and he seems to be here to stay.

Exploring the often unseen issues facing today’s youth, My Fretty Friend aims to offer a new take on mental health. Delivered by two performers playing a host of characters, and inspired by real-life stories, this new play furthers the dialogue for those struggling with anxiety and/or depression. An ultimately uplifting play, My Fretty Friend will inspire and entertain audiences while delivering a powerful message.

2019-08-23 19:00:00
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