John Fleming tribute to James Taylor: Bittersweet and Low

John Fleming tribute to James Taylor: Bittersweet and Low

Saturday 28 April
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“An honest personal journey through Taylors life, woven with his beautifully constructed and lyrically potent songs, performed with passion and precision by Fleming and his talented group. A must see for theatre goers and music fans.” Anna-Maria Megalogenis, What’s my

In 1967 James Taylor was discharged from the psychiatric hospital where he spent his late teens. As he continued to struggle with illness and addiction, his talent led him on a journey from New York where he formed his first band, to London where he recorded with the Beatles, Los Angeles where he became part of the politically charged songwriters movement and back to his beloved Marthas Vineyard where his first two children were born.

Taylors ascent to success and fame, along with his struggles with drugs and self-doubt, took him to the edge of his sanity. By the end of 1976 it could have all been over, however his resilience and sense of purpose led him to overcome his difficulties and emerge as one of the worlds great songwriters, distilling the emotions of a generation into music. Featuring the iconic music of James Taylor, Carole King, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell.

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