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Originally built closer to the base of Oliver's Hill in 1857, the pier was constructed at its current site and extended into deeper waters in 1863, after a public petition. 

The Frankston Pier has long been the focal point of the beachfront as it juts out into Port Phillip Bay. Considering its local significance, both historically and emotionally, any artwork built into its form had to be done with intelligence, finesse and great sensitivity. The successful result has been Sight Line by Louise Lavarack. This interactive and engaging installation features a ‘kinetic lighting display and responds via acoustic sensors to the movement of the water beneath the pier, and wind vanes that sensitivity adjust to shifts in wind direction’ (Louise Lavarack, 2008). Directly referencing the pier supports, each pole in Sight Line is surmounted by a semaphore flag which together spell out a hidden text.

Frankston Pier is 250m long, it hosts a Sight Line nautical sculpture.

The pier itself is under the control of Parks Victoria.

Map & Directions

Frankston Pier Pier Promenade Frankston Victoria 3199