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The talented artists at Melbourne's Murals, as well as other artists, have created many inspiring scenes around the heart of Frankston, including these Giant Library books decorate the Frankston City Council Library, bringing Playne Street to life. 

Melbourne's Murals have over 50 years' experience bringing ideas to life with their premium artistic services, transforming indoor and outdoor spaces of any type into works of art.
Each mural masterpiece is unique and custom made - realistic images are recreated with the mood and fluidity of movement captured in each brush stroke.

With over 1000 local and international murals, the dedicated team have an eye for detail and passion for their work.
Melbourne's Murals have also created several spectacular artworks throughout Frankston which are a must see:

  • Thompsons Lane has been transformed with an underwater mural and street scene of Frankston in the 1880's. From the 1965 classic book by Don Charlwood 'All the Green Year', the huge mural includes Oliver's Hill and two boys sitting high in a pine tree over the street. A graceful turtle also swims through the seascape as a boy jumps off Frankston pier.
  • Visit the Frankston Memorial Park to see the beautiful Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie mural in honour of babies from the 1960's.
  • Alice in Wonderland characters brighten the exterior with the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and many more at the Frankston City Library forecourt.

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